Recipe for carbonara sauce

Recipe for carbonara sauce

October 1, 2015
Spaghetti with carbonara sauce
Serves 2
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Perhaps in Italy and authentic carbonara prepared without sauce, but everywhere in the world eat any pasta with sauce. In one region of Italy there are cream in another not. In this recipe we use cream. Recently, I cooked a paste with recipe for carbonara sauce. It was very tasty, and most importantly simple, fast and elegant.

Today, we are preparing the dish according to the recipe for carbonara sauce.

The cream can be added, but it will be more of an American. Add the cream of Italian immigrants came up in the United States for greater cosmopolitanism. You can also optionally add the red onions to bacon garlic for flavor. Carbonara sauce was born in Abruzzo and owes its name to coal miners – men who went on a long time in the forest harvest charcoal (um. Carbone). They have always had a pork cheek, eggs and a piece of cheese. After World War II, the US military began to ask submit pasta with bacon, sprinkling it liberally with black pepper, so it was like a coal dust.

So here it is the recipe for carbonara sauce.