Easy french toast

Easy french toast recipe with banana

September 29, 2015
French toast with banana

Easy french toast recipe.

French toast – a great idea for a hearty breakfast. It’s fast, delicious, also can experiment with recipes for dishes of this morning.

For French toast it is not necessary to have a soft bread, fit and lightly dried up. Slices dipped in a mixture of eggs and milk or cream, and roast over medium heat until golden brown. If you want to use as the basis for French toast for sandwiches, then into the egg-milk mixture can be added Italian herbs and salt. If the toast is presented as a basis for dessert, do not hurt a couple of teaspoons of sugar.

Addition to the simple and unpretentious toasts – a great many. First of all, it is strawberries, bananas and whipped cream. French toast with fruit – a classic happy meal. Oranges, pears and apples, cut into thin slices, will play on the contrast of textures. Then, honey, jam or maple syrup. They make a toast even more soft and gentle. Garnish with toasted possible cinnamon sugar or mint leaves.

Today we are cooking Easy french toast recipe with banana.