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Easy grape salad recipe

February 7, 2016
Easy grape salad recipe
Serves 2 People
Prep time
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Well suited as a snack for something easy.
It is important that the grapes had three different tastes, sweet, sour and special.
Easy grape salad recipe it’s variety of flavors, for those who want to try multiple flavors of grape.

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Autumn salad recipes

September 29, 2015
Autumn salad with pepper
Serves 6
Cook Time

There are many Autumn salad recipes, here’s one of them, it turns out tasty and fast.

Delicious autumn salad recipe. This “autumn” saladĀ for the winter like our whole family. If the vegetables are crushed by combine to cook leaves very little time. Salad turns out tasty!

All cut squares.

Cut the tomatoes, cucumber, pepper, all mixed and add the lemon juice, olive oil, salt, seeds for decoration.
Serve with the meat.

Autumn salad recipe is ready.